Jason Amada

Online Reseller-Amazon/Ebay Store

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Jason Amada has always been curious about new things. Amada grew up in NYC, not a little village in America. He lived in Forest Hills, Queens, and the Upper West Side, Manhattan.

On Amazon and eBay, Jason Amada's actual passion manifested itself. At Amada's new company, he could combine his skills while also being his own boss, setting his own hours, and running his own business

For example, in New York City, Jason Amada has established his own version of the little American businessman. Rather than the traditional shop, counter, and physical store model, Amada's version is more in tune with 21st-century technology expectations. Amada's business life is made easier by the online store. An Amada computer monitors 50 jobs every day instead of a human supervisor. During this period, Amada may focus on marketing and promotion. On the whole, he spends much more time producing value than managing and serving consumers.

Jason Amada seeks ways to give back to his community. New Yorker, he remembers his childhood. So, when he can, Amada helps kids today via community center initiatives and local groups that rely on people like Amada to help youngsters.

Jason Amada's Baruch College MBA paid well. His current job requires him to learn by doing, watching others and trying out new ideas. This is information that can't be taught in a classroom.

Jason Amada believes the Internet will continue to grow in new business opportunities for him. NFT is rapidly expanding, allowing for more growth, expansion, and customer choices. Selling physical and digital goods is continually blurring for online sellers like Jason, and new ideas are always welcome. Mr. Adama aims to be at the forefront of the new business paradigm.